Groclock ‘top tips’ and reward chart

Groclock Baby Sleep Trainer Top Tips

Groclock Baby Sleep Trainer Top Tips

Here at Tommee Tippee, we’re very proud of our Groclock toddler sleep trainer.

For years it has been helping confused toddlers work out when it is time to go to bed and when it is time to wake up – regardless of how light or dark it is outside. After all, if your toddler is awake and can’t actually tell the time, how are they supposed to know whether tugging on your duvet is going to earn them a bleary-eyed smile – or a sigh of desperation?

Add in the seasonal clock-changes, which can play havoc with a little one’s circadian rhythms, and you have a recipe for a less-than-perfect start to the day.

The Groclock uses fun images of the stars and sun to communicate when to go back to sleep and when it’s time to get up. It’s a simple way to signal to young children that they need to stay in bed until the ‘sun’ is showing on the clock face. To help them understand, there is also a lovely illustrated story book that parents can read to them as part of establishing the routine.

But by listening to parents, we’ve realised that success with the Groclock also depends on how parents introduce it into their toddler’s bedtime routine, and how they get the routine established – based on consistency, praise, rewards and incremental changes.

As a result, we’ve produced (with advice and expertise from Lisa Clegg, maternity nurse and author of ‘The Blissful Baby Expert’ and ‘The Blissful Toddler Expert’) a downloadable reward chart for parents and toddlers to use together with the Groclock. There are tips and tricks for parents, to maximise the chances of success, and a cute two-week sticker chart for toddlers, for every day they stay in bed until the ‘sun’ comes out. If you don’t have stickers, you or your toddler can draw a smiley face on each ‘sun’ picture.


The Gro-clock isn’t magic, but we hope that by using the top tips, and sticking to the routine to establish the behaviour pattern, there will be a greater chance of success for you and your family – and fewer 5am starts!