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Breast Pumps

Our breast pumps here at Tommee Tippee make pumping more comfortable so little ones get the benefits of breast milk, even when mom isn’t there.

Our breast pump systems provide mom with everything she needs to pump, protect, prepare and feed their baby.

Made for Me

Electric breast pump

Quiet, lightweight and discreet enough to give you confidence and freedom to pump your breast milk when and where you want.


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Made for Me

Manual breast pump

New ergonomic design fits comfortably in your hand to give you the freedom to pump breast milk whenever you choose.  

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Made for Me

Silicone breast pump

The simple and gentle way to pump your breast milk. 


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Made for Me

Nipple Cream

Soothe nipples and keep moisture in to prevent soreness all through your breastfeeding experience.


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Standard Neck Breast Pump Adaptor

The Closer to Nature Breast Pump Adaptor allows Closer to Nature Bottles to work with any standard neck breast pump.


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Breastfeeding was sometimes tough, but totally worth it.


Don't yet know your areola from your elbow? No problem.