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Baby & Toddler Cups

Spill-free sipping starts with our range of baby cups here at Tommee Tippee!

Being a baby is thirsty work. That’s why we’ve created our best line of sippy cups ever, so keeping your little one happy and hydrated.

Little wedding crashers

3-6 Month Transition Cups

Sippy cups designed for those very first important sips, helping babies transition from bottle or breast to sipping.

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6-12 Month Trainer Cups

When your little one gets confident at drinking from a cup, then play around with straws, spouts, and 360-degree cups to find your perfect match.

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12+ Month Toddler Cups

Independent drinking really kicks in now, sippy cup capacity gets bigger and insulated bases keep drinks cool.

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How much should I baby be drinking?


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