Made for Me Double Electric Breast Pump

RSP: $159.99

LED Screen

Keep an eye on the timer to see how long you’ve been expressing for.

Long-lasting power

Powered by a lightweight, slimline USB rechargeable power unit, giving you 90 minutes of cord-free pump time wherever and whenever you need it.​

Massage & Express modes ​

Choose from 5 massage modes that mimic your baby’s latch-on to stimulate milk flow. Once your milk starts flowing, 9 pumping modes provide a more regular and prolonged pumping action to help you comfortably express as much milk as possible.

Hygienic closed system

Ensures breast milk only goes into the bottle, so every drop is collected.

We’re all about supporting momon your breastfeeding journey by enabling you to feed your baby wherever and whenever you want.  

Our double electric breast pump gives you loads of pumping power but is compact, portable and quiet enough to use anywhere.  

A full charge of the lightweight, slimline USB rechargeable power unit gives you 90 minutes of cord-free pump time, wherever and whenever you need it. Choose whether you want to use it as a single or double pump at the push of a button and you’re good to go anywhere.  

The soft, cushioned silicone cup is gentle on sore breasts and stimulates milk flowThe hygienic closed system makes sure breast milk only goes into the bottle, nowhere else, so every drop of is collected. 

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