Pickapaci Pacifer Set, 0-6m - 3 count

RSP: $11.99

Key Features


Discover the style of pacifier your baby prefers with this handy 3 pack of pacifiers including breast-like, ultra-light and night-time pacifiers.


This soft silicone nipple flexes and stretches just like mom, providing breast-like comfort for the most natural soothing experience.


Our lightest ever pacifier - designed to stay put in your baby’s mouth, this silicone pacifier can help baby stay calmer, soothed and happier for longer.


Featuring a glow in the dark handle that allows parents to locate the pacifier in a dark room without having to disturb baby.


The instinctive action of sucking helps to calm and soothe babies and all parents know there’s nothing more wonderful than a calm, content baby. So, when you need to turn screams and sobs into smiles and sleep, simply pick up one of our pacifiers. This handy 3 pack allows you to discover which style your baby prefers. 

All 3 pacifiers feature a symmetrical, silicone baglet that is fully reversible and has no ‘wrong’ side-up so it will always be placed correctly in your baby’s mouth.   

Breast-like pacifier 
Made from super soft silicone, this pacifier feels, moves, flexes and stretches just like skin so there’s less chance of confusion when feeding baby from breast or bottle. The natural feel and flex of this breast-like pacifier, inspired by our award-winning Closer to Nature nipple, provides a reassuring alternative to traditional pacifiers. Perfect if you’re worried that offering your baby a pacifier may disrupt breast or bottle feeding.   

Ultra-light pacifier: 
Little mouths don’t always hold onto heavy baby pacifiers which means parents often need to replace the pacifier in their baby’s mouth every few minutes. Our Ultra-Light Silicone pacifier is our lightest ever pacifier and is light enough to stay put in baby’s mouth for longer helping babies to stay calmer, soothed and happier for longer.   

Night time pacifier: 
Featuring an ingenious glow in the dark handle so parents can locate the pacifier in a dark room. The traditional shield style with modern but understated designs are suitable for use anytime, anywhere. 

**From an independent study in July 2021 of 416 moms with a 0-36m child, who are currently using a Tommee Tippee pacifier: 
**99% of moms would recommend a Tommee Tippee pacifier  
**97% of moms say a Tommee Tippee pacifier helped settle baby  
**93% of moms say babies love their Tommee Tippee pacifier 
**98% of babies accept a Tommee Tippee pacifier


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