Simplee Diaper Pail Refills, 4 count

RSP: $16.99


Multi-layer, antibacterial GREENFILM kills 99% of germs and locks in odors


The refill cassette is made from 98% recycled plastic and includes sustainably sourced sugarcane GREENFILM


The same thickness with guaranteed odor blocking performance


Simplee refill cassettes are only compatible with Simplee diaper pails

Your baby is so small but can still make a huge mess! The Tommee Tippee Simplee diaper pail refill cassettes can hold up to 180 diapers* each and are compatible with the Simplee diaper pails with smart lids that push the diaper through. Stylish and space-saving, this diaper disposal solution will keep your house tidy and odor-free.

Each cassette is filled with multi-layer, anti-bacterial GREENFILM that’s 100x more effective than diaper sacks as it’s Biomaster** protected to kill 99% of dangerous germs like E-coli and Staphylococcus Aureus. On contact, it stops proteins being broken down by bacteria, a process responsible for lots of nasty smells. The smart-sealing lid encloses all unpleasant odors.

These refills are compatible with the Tommee Tippee Simplee diaper pail that can be placed in a child's room, in a cupboard or discreetly in the bathroom. Despite its compact size, this diaper pail can hold up to 18* nappies at once, which means fewer trips to the outside dustbin.

Please note that the Simplee diaper pail is only compatible with Simplee refill cassettes. The Simplee diaper pail refill cassettes are only suitable for use in Simplee diaper pails and are not suitable for the Sangenic TEC or Twist & Click diaper disposal systems. The diaper pail refills offer you great value for money as each cassette has the capacity to dispose of up to 180 diapers*.

To reduce the impact on the environment, the Simplee diaper pail refill chassis are made from 98% recycled and fully recyclable plastic and our multi-layer, antibacterial GREENFILM is now bio-based and made from sustainably sourced sugar cane.

*Based on using size 1 diapers (2-5kg)
**Antibacterial protection is present in the film and not the other components of this product. Film is treated with Biomaster silver biocide tested to ISO 22196-2011. Please use biocides responsibly.

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