GroEgg Support


Do not place your Groegg over or very close to a radiator, in direct sunlight or by an open window.

Make sure that you place your Groegg out of reach of your baby's cot, and that the power lead is not able to be reached or pulled by a toddler.

Find some answers to the most frequently asked questions about your Groegg.

What is the best room temperature for my baby?

The Lullaby Trust and Health Professionals recommend that the ideal room temperature for your baby is between 61F/16°C and 68F/20°C, and ideally at 18°C/65°F.

It's warm weather and my Groegg is red and showing an unhappy face. What shall I do?

Do your best to reduce the room temperature. Use a fan to move air around the room but make sure it’s not within your baby’s reach or pointing directly at your baby. If you can’t bring the room temperature down, then you may need to remove all bedding and clothing from your baby, leaving them in just a diaper and giving them extra drinks. In extremely warm temperatures, sponge your baby down with lukewarm water. If  you’re concerned about your baby’s temperature contact your health professional.

It's cold weather and my Groegg is blue. What shall I do?

Do your best to increase the room temperature. We recommend using a thermostatically controlled heater in the room where your baby is sleeping. Make sure that neither the heater or cable are within reach of your baby’s cot. Keep baby warm by adding extra layers of clothing, but always make sure your baby’s head is uncovered. If your baby has become cold, give them a warming cuddle or a warm drink before returning them to their cot with extra clothing or bedding.

My Groegg doesn't read the temperature I think it should

The Groegg shows the temperature of the surrounding air, so cold drafts and nearby heating will affect the reading.

I can't see the color of the Groegg very well in daylight

The Groegg is designed to glow gently and be visible in very low-level light or dark conditions. In lighter conditions use the digital readout.

I have plugged in my Groegg but it doesn't seem to be on

Check that the round switch on the base of the Groegg is indented in the ‘on’ position. Check that the power supply lead is securely in place at the back of the Groegg.