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  • Teething & Soothing
    smiling baby with mum and soother

    When Should You Start Ditching the Pacifier

    As they grow, there will understandably come a time when you'll want to transition your mini-me away from them their pacifier before they become too reliant on the reassurance it gives.

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  • Baby Development
    toddler in park with dad and a pink cup

    How To Discipline Your Toddlers Tantrums

    Tantrums are part and parcel of being a toddler, but they can be challenging...

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  • Parent Diaries
    mum and baby with blue birthday balloon

    Challenges When Having a Pandemic Baby: Grace's Story

    "When it comes to having a baby during the pandemic, I didn’t have any expectations, I just tried to live for the moment and take each day at a time…"

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  • Parent Diaries
    baby boy in dungarees with mum

    C-Section During the Pandemic: Kate's Story

    "I had to go through the whole process of having a caesarean on my own. I had one hour with my partner and then I didn’t get to see him for three days…"

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  • Parent Diaries
    pregnant mum wearing glasses with baby

    Having a New Baby During the Pandemic: Mel's Story

    "During the lockdowns, we really were in a newborn bubble because it was just the three of us..."

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