Pump and Go All in One Starter Set

RSP: $119.99

Fits pumps from all major brands

Use with your favorite breast pump

Warms pouches and bottles

Warm milk to body temperature

Connects to Closer to Nature nipples

Breast-like nipple helps transition between breast and bottle

Baby safe

All Tommee Tippee products are BPA-free for complete reassurance.

Choosing to pump your breast milk can give you some freedom and flexibility, but the whole process can get messy. For busy breastfeeding moms who want to pump breast milk to feed baby, this Pump and Go All in One Starter contains everything you need to turn your favorite breast pump into part of the efficient Pump and Go system.

It features milk storage bags that attach directly to your breast pump and can be used in baby’s feeding bottle, plus a pouch warmer and storage case.

Set contains:
20x breast milk pouches
1x 3 in 1 bottle and pouch warmer
1x breast pump adapter set
2x breast milk pouch bottles with slow flow nipples (size 1)
1x 5oz baby bottle w/ slow flow nipple
2x extra slow flow nipples (size 0)
1 x breast milk storage case

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