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Should I Be Worried If My Baby Has Cold Hands?

Should I Be Worried If My Baby Has Cold Hands

It’s not true that a baby with cold hands is a cold baby.

When your baby is born their circulatory system is still developing, so blood goes first to their vital organs like the heart and lungs where it’s needed most. It’s very common for newborns, especially under the age of 3 months, to have very chilly fingers and toes as these are usually the body parts the blood reaches last.

Experts advise to check your little one’s tummy or back of their neck to better assess their temperature. A baby’s chest should feel warm and dry, not sweaty or cold.

It is important to regularly check the temperatures of your little one, as the chance of SIDS is higher in babies who are too hot.

What is the ideal temperature for my nursery?

It can be difficult to judge the temperature of your nursery, so we recommend using a room thermometer like the Groegg2 to get an accurate reading. Health professionals recommend your baby’s nursery to be between 16 and 20 degrees C.

If your nursery does tend to be a bit colder, adding additional layers of clothing to your baby will usually be enough.

Please refer to our what to wear guide for up advice on what your baby should wear at night based on the temperature of where they sleep.

Every child will feel and react to the cold differently, so it is important to use your parental discretion when putting your child to sleep, on how many layers you think is best.