All About Nappy Disposal

We know that until they become parents, most people never really give nappies a second thought. 

But the truth is when baby arrives, poop becomes a huge part of your life.

Nappies are one of the messiest parts of being a baby's parent, but dealing with them needn’t be complicated.

We know babies

Our nappy disposal systems make getting rid of baby’s nappies quicker, easier, and generally less stinky.

For as long as your little one is in nappies, we’ve got your back.

From disposing of those stinky nappies and keeping your home smelling fresh and clean, to getting rid of germs and odours.

Meet our Nappy Bins

Smell-stopping, germ-killing, nappy-wrapping super bins.

Our nappy disposal bins help keep your home smell and odour free and save you a lot of trips to the outside bin.

Plus, the lid of each bin has a built-in plunger to stop your hands getting messy. They really should come with a superhero cape!

Twist & Click Nappy Bin

Nappy disposal never smelled (or looked) so good!

Ours is the only nappy bin to twist and individually wrap each nappy, sealing away odours and killing 99% of germs using bio-based GREENFILM™.

Available in four stylish colours, this compact bin holds up to 28 nappies*.

*Based on using size 1 nappies: 2-5kg.

XL Twist & Click Nappy Bin

The same as our original bin, just in SUPERSIZE!

Our large capacity bin holds up to 60 nappies** and is taller and therefore kinder to your back, eliminating the need for you to bend down or reach low.

Disposing of dirty nappies is now more comfortable and convenient than ever before.

**Based on using size 1 nappies: 2-5kg.


Now, you can reduce both your plastic waste and overall spend with our eco-refills, designed to fit into your empty Twist & Click chassis. 

Compatible with any Tommee Tippee bin that twists, these best value refills offer you all the same benefits of our original refill cassettes, with the added advantage of less plastic and more compact, convenient cardboard packaging. 

Thanks to these refills, nappies are individually wrapped in a multi-layer, sustainably sourced GREENFILM™ to lock away odours and germs, keeping your home tidy and odour free.

It’s simple, just hold onto your grey Twist & Click refill chassis once it’s empty, and pop in a new eco-refill.

Never forget, we deliver direct

A newborn baby needs on average 12 fresh nappies in a 24-hour period.

So you’ll be a nappy changing know-it-all in a flash!

To make sure that you never run out of Twist & Click eco-refills, we’re proud to introduce Subscribe to Save, a new way to shop our GREENFILM™ eco-refills.

It’s easy. Just choose your quantity, delivery frequency, lock in your saving, and checkout, all using your Tommee Tippee account.

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