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We're glad you stopped by the legal area of the Tommee Tippee site.

When you use our website - either to buy or just browse - our Terms of Use will apply. You should also be aware of our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy which are relevant when you are browsing our site, as is our Accessibility Statement.

In addition, you can find links here to the terms which apply to various other interactions you might have with us, like buying from the website or if you participate in any of our competitions on social media. We’ll always provide a link so you can see them at the time, but they’re also here in one place for easy reference.

Terms of Sale

Image and Video Rights Terms and Conditions

Social Legals

Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure Policy

Price promise FAQs and Terms & Conditions

Two-Year Warranty Terms & Conditions

Promotional exclusions


These terms are important for both us and you as they set out important and helpful information about what we can expect from each other. We update them from time to time, so please remember to check back as it’s always the most up to date version which will apply.

Finally, some of the technology in our products is so clever that it’s patent protected. You can find details on our Patent page.