• Made for Me Double & Single Breast Pumps

    Type of trial/testIn-home consumer testClosest to real-life experience.
    Date of trial/testJun-22Revised product launch.
    Conducted byMum’s Views LtdIndependent, reduce risk of bias.
    Participants100 UK mothersSufficient number to support conclusions, subject to practical considerations including recruitment and availability of trial pumps.
    Selection CriteriaCurrent users of double and single electric breast pumps;To enable comparison between trial pump and rest of market.
    Expressing a minimum of two sessions per day;To ensure sufficient data points for meaningful conclusions.
    59 using double pumps, 41 using single pumps;In line with wider market use.
    Key demographics (social classification, first time mothers, subsequent mothers and thier current pump brand) all matched to  wider UK market.To ensure results are representative of the wider UK market.
    MethodologyEach session measures volume, length of session, pump setting (let-down/pump), time of session and notable exceptions (such as interrupted routine);Full data points to be able to fully analyse and to identify any abnormal conditions which may affect the conclusions.
    Four days expressing with current pump,measuring/recording; thenCapture comparison data in controlled circumstances.
    One day with trial pump, without measuring; thenAvoid unfamiliarity affecting the results.
    Four days with trial pump,measuring/recording.Capture trial pump data.
    SupportE-mail and telephone support available to all participants.Ensure accuracy and to maintain participation.
    ConclusionsTrial pump produced more milk for a fixed period of time than current pumps (average amounts, 114% more for all, 109% more for single pump users, 116% for double pump users), and when compared to all brands (average amounts, between 104.41% more and 133.24% more).Trial pump is more efficient (defined as more milk for a given time), than the rest of the market. 

    "More milk in less time"
    Trial pump produced more milk than current pumps (average amounts, 109% more for all, 104% more for single pump users, 110% for double pump users), but not when compared to all brands (average amounts, two brands and miscellaneous pumps produced more per session).Trial pump helps to produce more milk than most of the market, but not all.

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  • Ultra-light Soother

    Substantiation of the following claim relating to our Ultra-light Soother - the lightest one-piece silicone soother 

    • Definition of one-piece: silicone baglet & shield co-bonded with internal PPSU skeleton to form a single piece soother 
    • Based on 0-6m size from each brand 
    • Assessment made based on readable retail sales accounting for 98% of UK soothers category and 95% of US pacifier category in November 2023

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