Growing Up is Thirsty Work!

From six months onwards, little ones can start drinking from a cup. 

It’s such an important and exciting stage in their development, and they can start drinking water from this age whether they’re breastfed, formula fed, or combination fed!

At Tommee Tippee, we know cups

vintage tommee tippee baby cup

Our story started over half a century ago with a cup that had a clever weighted base and wouldn’t tip over.

Ever since, we’ve continued to invent products that're designed to make everyday life easier for parents and better for babies.

Things that we as grownups take for granted like tipping and sipping or sucking through a straw are all new to your little one.

We’re here to help them develop vital drinking skills with a range of different cups. Some have handles, some are insulated, and some have straws, but they’re all spill free – because no one needs more cleaning up in their life.

SuperStar™ cups for your little superstar

Learning to drink independently from their very own cup is a big step for little ones...

...but don’t worry, our colourful SuperStar™ range has a cup for every age and stage, from 4 months to 1 year, and beyond! 

All our cup's straws and spouts are made with BACSHIELD™ technology that reduces 99.9% of harmful bacteria* by preventing the growth of unwanted microbes.

*Independent laboratory testing demonstrated a 99.9% reduction in bacteria after 24 hours.

Plus, thanks to anti-leak INTELLIVALVE™ technology, each BPA-free cup is completely leak proof even when shaken!​ 

From 12 months and beyond...

Flip Top Sportee

Suitable for toddlers aged 18 months and beyond, this cup has a push button opening that’s easy to use one-handed.

It's perfectly sized for small hands, and thanks to its comfy-to-carry and fun-to-flip lid, staying hydrated has never been this much fun!


baby in a blue jumper reaching for a green cup

Toddlers never stop, that’s why our SuperStar™ Sipper Cup is tough enough for even the mightiest of little ones and designed to help them transition to drinking from a spoutless cup. 

Insulated Sportee

toddler sipping from a tommee tippee cup

The perfect cup for active and independant toddlers who’re ready to take on the day​, our SuperStar™ Insulated Sportee Cup keeps their drink cool as they run, jump, and explore. 

Insulated Straw 

toddler on a balance bike drinking from a green cup

Gentle on delicate gums, this insulated cup’s soft silicone straw flips up and down in between sips. You know their teeth are safe, because it’s accredited by the Oral Health Foundation.

Insulated, 360° & No-Knock Cups

Making sure that your mini-me is staying hydrated can be tricky, but our colourful cups make it easy! Plus, they're spill-free and help develop grown up drinking skills. 

Parent Room | Cups

baby holding a blue sippy cup

Teaching your toddler to transition to a cup

We’ve put together this guide to put your mind at ease and to help your little one move from their beloved bottle to a cup with as little fuss as possible.

toddler drinking from a tommee tippee cup

How to care for your little one’s teeth

Your baby’s first teeth may look small, but they’re really important. They act as placeholders for adult teeth, and help them to chew, and smile.

Mealtimes: What else might you need?

tommee tippee baby food blender and chopped ingredients


When babies hit the six-month mark, it’s time to start introducing them to solid foods. Our food blenders act as a loyal companion in the world of weaning.

tommee tippee baby tableware on a chopping board


Looking for their first cutlery, bowls, and plates? We’ve got you covered! Our mealtime range helps to get your little one set for a lifetime of healthy eating habits.