Sleep Monitoring

We know that as a parent, you want reassurance that your baby is safe, 24/7.

  • This can lead to you feeling anxious and extra-tired!
  • A baby monitor helps ease nighttime stresses by letting you know if your baby needs you, and reassuring you that they're sleeping safe and sound.  

Rest and reassurance

By using a Tommee Tippee baby monitor, you can keep an eye (and ear) on your little one as they sleep, soothe them with familiar sounds, and maintain a loving connection, without running the risk of disturbing them during the night.

Less stress for you, and a restful sleep for everyone!

Which Tommee Tippee baby monitor is right for you?

Dreamsense App-Enabled Smart Monitor

Dreamee Video, Sound and Motion Monitor

Camera Unit Features

Pan and tilt function

190° horizontal pan

80° vertical tilt

330° horizontal pan

110° vertical tilt

Field of vision 120° 60°
Auto-motion tracking  
Night-vision infrared camera
In-built room temperature sensor
In-built sound, light & humidity sensors  
CrySensor Technology
Night light  

Monitoring Features

1080p HD video  
Portable 4.3” video monitor  
i-OS/Android app-enabled video monitoring for smartphones  
2-way audio
Energy saving VOX mode  
Zoom  3x 2x

Operating range

Parent Pod = 80 meters

Smart App = Worldwide with Internet Connection

300 meters

Other Features

Wireless parent pod   
Movement sensor mat  
User generated comfort zones linked to sensitivity of sound, light and temperature in room  
Sleep tracking  
Pre-set sounds
Pink noise  
Personalised recording feature  
Safe and secure connection


tommee tippee dreamsense baby monitor

Our smart Dreamsense sleep monitor reassures, notifies and tracks. It senses everything, but only shares what matters to you.

Dreamsense includes…

Auto motion tracking

Baby Unit 

That senses everything from sound and light, to temperature and humidity using a HD camera and two built-in microphones.

Movement sensor mat

Parent Pod

That shares what matters to you by communicating with the baby unit constantly, but only notifying you when necessary.

Up to 300M operating range

Smart App

That makes sense of everything via live video and audio so you can configure your comfort zones and track baby’s sleep patterns.

Tilt, pan & zoom around the room

Soothing Sounds

That settle your baby back to sleep. You can also record your own audio and play a personalised message if they stir.


tommee tippee dreamee monitor

Our Dreamee monitor's smart 360° camera unit lets you watch and listen to them from another room on a full-colour 4.3inch monitor.

Dreamee has…

Auto motion tracking

Auto motion tracking

So you know what your baby is up to without adjusting any of the camera's settings.  

Movement sensor mat

A movement sensor mat

So you can monitor your little one’s wriggles while they sleep.

Up to 300M operating range

A range of up to 300m

So you can keeps an eye (and ear) on your little one from anywhere in the home.

Tilt, pan & zoom around the room

Tilt, pan and zoom functions

So you can montior your baby and their whole sleep environment. 

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