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Is my baby dreaming?

Is My Newborn Baby Dreaming?

Babies are expressive sleepers; they may twitch or make faces and noises whilst they sleep. This may lead you to think your little one is dreaming but at such a young age, is it really possible? Baby dreaming is a particularly difficult topic to study, especially before a baby starts to talk, but desperate for an answer, we searched the internet for some research that might just shine some light.

Can my baby dream?
Research suggests that adults spend about 25% of their night sleep within what is referred to as REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. This is the state identified as producing the most dreams. Newborns impressively spend up to 50% of their sleep time within this REM state, with premature babies spending up to 80%. There is even research to suggest this REM state can be present when your baby is in the womb. This has lead to many researchers highlighting that it must be possible for your little ones to have big dreams.

Contradictory research argues that a baby’s brain is too busy developing and growing to have any energy left to create these dreams. It is fair to say however that either way their little brains are anything but asleep.

What is my baby dreaming of?
If babies are dreaming, with such limited language skills and sense of self, what are they dreaming of? They are certainly not able to muster up the magical holiday scenes which we adults may regularly dream of. As we know, babies can start to hear within the womb; therefore with dreams very much revolving around your imagination based on previous experiences, we could probably have a few guesses!

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