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Your Guide to Bottle Preparation

Nobody likes to keep a hungry baby waiting so our bottle preparation range is designed to help you get that bottle to them as quickly and safely as possible, even when everything is a little blurry at 3am or you’re on the move.

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Who knew there were so many bottle prep products?

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Key considerations

Why choose bottle preparation products?

Juggling the demands of a new baby can be hard enough already without struggling to get their milk just right for every feed. Our bottle preparation accessories are here to help you quickly and easily prepare and warm your baby's milk to body temperature whatever time of night or day.

Why is serving milk at body temperature important?

Our bottle warmers and Perfect Prep and Perfect Prep Day & Night gently warm milk to body temperature which replicates how it would be from the breast. It is gentler on babies tummies and makes for a much more relaxing feed. Never heat a bottle in a microwave – it will destroy the nutrients in the milk and could also create hot spots which may burn your baby.

Can they be used for both breast milk and formula?

Our Easi-Warm Bottle Warmer and 3-in-1 advanced bottle & pouch warmer will safely warm either breast milk or formula to body temperature. The 3-in-1 will even warm it from frozen.

Our award-winning Perfect Prep and Perfect Prep Day & Night are designed for the preparation of formula only.

How long will it take to warm a bottle?

We don’t hang about when it comes to helping you feed your baby. The Perfect Prep and Perfect Prep Day & Night will have a fresh bottle of formula made in just two minutes. Our warmers are pretty speedy too and will have that milk warmed in just 4 minutes.

How do I prepare a bottle of formula milk?

If you’ve never prepared a bottle of milk before here are our top tips for creating the perfect feed:

  • First sterilise the bottle and teat. Choose one of our sterilisers and they’ll stay ready to use for 24 hours in there.
  • If you’re not using the Perfect Prep or Perfect Prep Day & Night then the next step is to boil the kettle and leave it to cool for about 20-30 minutes (using water over 70°C ensures any bacteria in the formula milk is killed but neither bottles or babies like it too hot). Then pour the specified amount into your bottle
  • Time for the formula. Count it out carefully filling the guide for your baby’s age or weight. For speed and accuracy in the middle of the night or to avoid taking your formula with you when you leave the house, you might like to use a milk powder dispenser and measure it all out in advance.
  • Pop the teat and lid on tightly and gently shake or swirl well until all powder has dissolved completely
  • A great way to test the feed is just right is to put a drop on the inside of your wrist where the skin is sensitive like your baby’s mouth. It should feel lukewarm. If it feels too hot, you can cool the milk by holding the bottle — with a cap to cover the teat — under cold running water
  • After feeding, throw away used formula and never re-heat or re-use it. It is not safe for your  baby
  • And if this all sounds like hard work remember that the Perfect Prep Day & Night or Perfect Prep will have a baby-ready bottle in your hands in under 2 minutes

How do I prepare a bottle when travelling/out and about?

Getting out and about is a vital part of staying sane with a baby so you’ll want to be able to prepare milk and food on the go. Our clever Travel Bottle and Food Warmer lets you heat breast milk, formula or baby food anywhere plus fits neatly in your changing bag. Just fill it with boiling water before you leave the house. 

How can I make preparing a bottle at night easier?

Sleep-deprived bottle-making can be a challenge especially whilst holding the little hungry sleep thief too.

For formula bottles you can’t beat the award-winning Perfect Prep Day and Night. It silently prepares the perfect bottle in under two minutes and the glow nightlight means you can see what you are doing without anyone waking up more than they need to.

Otherwise you can warm breast milk straight from the fridge or freezer in as little as 4 minutes with the 3-in-1 advanced bottle & pouch warmer

What is the difference between the Perfect Prep and the Perfect Prep Day & Night?

Both machines will make a ready-to-drink bottle of formula in under two minutes by adding an initial hot shot of water to kill any bacteria and then dispensing just the right amount of water for the perfect feed. Parents who owned the Perfect Prep and were using it to make bottles in the middle of night fed back that they’d love this lifesaver even more if it could be tweaked to help minimise any sleep disturbance. As always we listened so as well as an update design the Perfect Prep Day & Night has a volume control, a gentle glow night light and a digital display making night time feeds clear, simple and as quiet as a mouse.

Bottle Prep

Make your life a touch simpler with our range of bottle feeding accessories, including bottle warmers, bottle bags and our handy formula dispensers.

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