What Are the Benefits of Using a Wearable Breast Pump?

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15 Aug, 2022
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People often think of expressing breast milk as a time-consuming, awkward, and laborious task - but it's the 21st century and it doesn't have to be!

New technology now means that you can pump totally hands-free, anytime, anywhere, using a wearable breast pump that fits comfortably in your bra.  

So, to help you decide if a hands-free pump is right for you, let us run you through the benefits of using a wearable electric breast pump.

Mobile and practical

Using a wearable pump means that you can pump as you go, anytime, anywhere, with your hands totally free. A wearable pump lets you express and collect your breast milk at work or while getting on with your everyday tasks like popping to the shops or walking the dog, and nobody will know if you don't want them to!

Lightweight, quiet, and discreet

Even though expressing breast milk is nothing to be ashamed of, wearable pumps are very discreet and help you feel confident and relaxed as you express, so that you never feel self-conscious or like you need to step away from social situations to express again.


Wearable electric breast pumps fit neatly and comfortably in your bra and automatically collect your breast milk in a container that's attached to the pump's internal mechanism.

To keep you comfortable, our wearable breast pump comes with...

  • ConstantComfort technology that's specially designed to mimic your baby's natural suckling sensation and holds the pump in place for an effective yet gentle pumping experience.
  • A built-in nipple alignment light to help guide your nipple into the perfect position.
  • 24mm and 28mm horns. We recommend you trying both to find which works for you.
  • Bra adjusters because too much compression can feel uncomfortable and too little can feel insecure.

Easy to clean

Wearable, wireless pumps come with fewer parts, and there's no tubes to wash.

Made up of only seven parts, our wearable Tommee Tippee pump is easy to assemble and clean. All parts except the main pump body are dishwasher and steriliser safe, so you can easily ensure they're clean and ready to use every time.

Express from both breasts at the same time

If you choose to use a wearable pump, you're able to switch between using one pump or two at the same time. So you can express from one boob while your baby feeds from the other or express from both breasts at once and store the milk in the fridge or freezer for future feeds.

Feed directly from the pump

Once your milk is collected, you can connect our pump milk collector bottle to our screw rings and teats, so you can feed your little one right away without needing to sterilise a bottle and decant your precious milk.

Engorgement relief

Engorgement can be really painful, but using a wearable breast pump can help to provide relief whenever you need it. This can be especially helpful if you're back at work or on a night out and worried about your boobs becoming too full. 

App controlled

Our wearable pump connects with an app and you can get personalised insights into your pumping sessions and track how much breast milk you express from each breast.

You can also control the pump remotely and customise the intensity of the massage and express settings. When you finish your session, the app automatically adds insights to a tracking page to help you keep an eye on your breast milk supply over time.

Adjustable modes

Our wearable electric breast pump lets you choose your preferred settings and offer two modes, massage, and expression.

  • Massage mode (also called Stimulation) encourages the initial let down of milk. A lower pressure is applied at a higher frequency, like how babies initially suck when they first latch on.
  • Expression mode effectively and efficiently draws milk out after let-down at a lower frequency in the same way that babies do when drinking milk. Choose between eight pressure levels to find the most comfortable, most effective setting for you.

Long lasting power

Wearable pumps mean that you don't need to be tethered to power cables and plus as you pump. You just need to charge and go!

Charging your wearable Tommee Tippee breast pump is easy thanks to the USB cables and multi-region plugs that come with it.

When the pump is fully charged, you get twelve 20-minute sessions, and you'll be notified with ample time to complete your session and pop your pumps on charge when the battery is running low.