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    pregnant mum with tattoos sitting on her bed

    Finding Out You're Pregnant: UK Parent's Stories

    We've spoken to real parents and asked them to tell us how they really felt when they found out they were pregnant.

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  • Pregnancy
    dad holding his baby who has a soother in their mouth

    How Many Newborn Clothes Do I Need?

    We all know babies grow fast, so how many clothes will you need for your newborn? Read our guide to find out more about buying newborn clothes.

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  • Pregnancy
    Pregnant mum cuddling her baby in bed

    How Can I Calculate My Baby’s Due Date?

    It can be challenging to work out when your baby will arrive. Learn how to calculate how many weeks pregnant you are and when your due date is here.

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  • Pregnancy
    pregnant mum sitting on her bed with her toddler

    What Pregnancy Exercises Can I Do?

    When it comes to exercising during pregnancy, remember to listen to your body and recognise what you’re capable of. It might be a lot more than you think!

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  • Pregnancy
    pregnant mum sitting on her bed holding her bump

    When Do You Feel Your Baby Move?

    We’re going to run through a timeline of baby movements during pregnancy, and answer some of the most common questions that mums ask about their baby’s kicks.

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