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Electric Breast Pump Set

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This pump comes with everything you need to express, feed, store and sterilise. Discreet and comfortable to use, our electric breast pump system also features a soft, flexible, silicone cup that encourages fast milk let-down and is comfortable against the breast.

1 x Electric breast pump
1 x Closer to Nature 150ml Baby Bottle
1 x Milk Storage Pot
6 x Disposable Breast Pads
1 x Microwave Steriliser Box


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Soft silicone horn

Provides maximum comfort for mum.

Efficient expressing

4 settings so you stay in control, with 0% backflow guaranteed.

Simple and intuitive design

Makes it easy to clean, use and assemble.

Lightweight and portable

Electric or battery operated.


  • Great results at the touch of a button with only 3 parts to clean & assemble.
  • Massaging motions mimic baby for greater milk yield.
  • Unique, soft silicone cup for extra comfort.
  • Electric or battery operated for use at home or on the go.
  • Connects directly to Closer to Nature® bottles.
  • Includes a small steriliser box.
  • BPA-free for total reassurance.
  • Comes complete with 1 x Closer to Nature® 150ml bottle, 1 x milk storage pot, 6 x disposable breast pads, 1 x microwave steriliser box.


Our Closer to Nature breast pump systems provide everything you to express, protect, prepare and feed your baby. Discreet and comfortable to use, our electric Breast Pump system makes it easy to give your baby all the benefits of your breast milk, even when you’re not there.

Natural-feel expression
The soft cup features massaging ripples, designed to mimic your baby's natural feeding action.

Soft-touch silicone cup
Encourages fast milk let-down, is comfortable against the breast, and provides a natural fit for all breast sizes and shapes.

Portable and lightweight
Perfectly designed for faster, easier and more comfortable expressing, the pump can be electric, or battery operated - making it perfect for use at home, work or on holiday.

Stay in control
There are 4 settings to choose from, so you can control let-down and flow, maximising your pumping experience. 0% backflow guaranteed.

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Electric Breast Pump Set

Closer to Nature breast pumps make it reassuringly easy to give baby the benefits of breast milk when feeding time requires a bottle.